Bye, ‘daddy’… this is the new word that has every woman excited this year, writes JANA

I don’t know who is coming up with the names for new dating trends at the moment, but we need to sit down and have a serious word.

You see, last year it was all about dating the ‘daddies’. You know, the older gents who have their life together. The sexy George Clooneys of the world who can make ‘have you done your tax return yet’ sound like a warm hug.

But that’s been scrapped. Yep, dump your daddy, because we’re now going for a much-improved sort of man. But clutch your pearls ladies because the term for this new ‘type’ is equally disturbing.

They’re called ‘babygirls’. Yes, all one word. And they are defined as ‘a man with energy that’s vulnerable, in tune with his emotions and somewhat softer.’

Jana Hocking reveals why she is saying goodbye to 'daddies' and hello to 'babygirls'

Jana Hocking reveals why she is saying goodbye to ‘daddies’ and hello to ‘babygirls’ 

You will notice all the leading man characters in movies over the past year have incorporated those traits. Jacob Elordi in Saltburn, Paul Mescal in basically every movie/series he has ever done, Pedro Pascal in interviews. They are in touch with their feelings, slightly brooding and soft souls.

They’re the sensitive souls who rescue pets from the pound and stop their cars to help old ladies cross the street.

Glorious creatures.

Perhaps this new ‘type’ is really catching on because there is less stigma when it comes to therapy. Getting in touch with our feelings and learning how to communicate in a healthy way has got us looking for the same thing in a partner. It’s certainly worked for me!

I found myself in a tricky predicament last year with a guy and realised I wasn’t making the best life choices. So, I went to see a professional therapist and asked them one simple favour – give me the tools to leave this relationship once and for all.

Over the next eight weeks my fabulously French, no-nonsense therapist did exactly that. By the time our sessions were up I was in a great mental health space, my self-confidence had been restored and I began making decisions that were in my best interest.

Sure, it took a box of Kleenex and some hard truths, but good lord was it worth it.

I promised myself I would never fall for someone who hadn’t done the work on themselves, like I had. Hence, why I love this new trend!

She explained the softer man, who feels his emotions, and expresses them safely is the one she wants

She explained the softer man, who feels his emotions, and expresses them safely is the one she wants 

There’s a meme doing the rounds on Instagram that says ‘Men, we don’t want to see your bank balance, we want to see your therapy receipts!’ and to that I say PREACH!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve dated the projects, the disasters, the guys with a hint of toxic masculinity – and where does it land us? In therapy, that’s where.

Just last week my best friend lost her family pet dog, and she was in tears – and so was her husband. They mourned together and it was such a healthy way of dealing with the pain.

Had this been 20 years ago, the man would have been expected to ‘keep it together’, put on a brave face and soldier on through the pain. But we all know where that ends up. In either a sudden outburst of rage or worse, compressed grief.


What kind of man do you prefer?

  • Daddies! 121 votes
  • Babygirls! 67 votes

The ‘babygirls’ are the ones who sit with us in our moments of sadness. They possess the greatest of all traits – empathy – and communicate their thoughts and feelings in an open and honest way.

Doesn’t it all sound rather progressive.

In the name of ‘research’ I went on a Youtube deep dive to find examples of what a ‘babygirl’ is, and it was basically hundreds of videos of Jacob Elordi being adorable.

He’s completely comfortable in his skin. He’s slightly bashful, polite, and very sweet. Other videos included Harry Styles acting in a similar manner. Oh, and Keanu Reeves, definitely Keaun Reeves.

It’s the complete opposite to the fake alpha blokes we come across on episodes of MAFS, or in the deep dark corners of the internet.

A ‘Babygirl’ would never tell another man to ‘muzzle your wife.’ Yes, I’m looking at you Jack from ‘Married at first sight.’

No, no, baby girls don’t have an inch of misogyny in their bones. Their very comfortable in their skin and it shows. In fact, I would go so far as saying it makes them glow.

So ladies (and certain lads), can we please make this new type of man our non-negotiable in 2024. Let’s embrace the partners who are good for our mental health and build us up.

Too-taa-loo bad boys. You are so 2023. 

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