WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 LIVE: Start time, updates and latest news as Rhea Ripley


Results round-up

And that, everyone, is that.

What a great event. We had good wrestling, good entertaintment, storylines progressing, results that set-up WrestleMania and a hometown hero win.

Click below for a round-up of the results.

BREAKING: Rhea Ripley defeats Nia Jax

Jax goes for a second aNialator but Ripley gets to her feet.

Jax goes to the top rope… Rhea meets her there. And superplexes her from the top rope!

Jax puts Ripley through the table

Ripley hits a frog splash from the top rope!

Jax is on top now, but ends up on the floor. Such a physcial match.

Ripley eyes up the announce table. She’s done playing games, Michael Cole says.

It’s Jax who delivers a samoan drop onto the table. Shes’ through the table at the second time of asking.

An aNislator lands, and Ripley kicks out!

All Ripley

This is a really physical match, as expected. Jax gets caught up in the ropes and Ripley is on top right now.

Jax comes back though as Ripley goes to the top rope. She delivers a samoan drop from the second rope. Ripley kicks out.

Ripley lifts Jax to her shoulders and shoves her opponent face-first onto the turnbuckle!

Straight into the action

Early signs point to this being short but sweet. Ripley went for the riptide, while Jax has already hit about eight splashes.

A good atmopshere backing Ripley.

Rhea Ripley v Nia Jax is underway

A mega pop for Ripley as she follows Jax out into the ring for the main event. There’s little doubt she’s the babyface tonight.

Like Waller, she wears an Aussie flag to the ring.

It’s almost certain she will win, but how will be interesting because Jax has had the upper hand in their build-up brawls.

Triple H takes to the ring

Triple H is in the ring and announced the attendance as 52,590.

Next up we have the main event. Rhea Ripley v Nia Jax.

A chaotic ending

I suppsoe that ending will split opinion.

But Drew, in true heel fashion, didn’t really earn it. He received help with two elimiantions, including the last, and will face Seth Rollins.

Orton is going to be involved with Logan Paul at ‘Mania, you feel.

BREAKING: Drew McIntyre wins the men’s Elimination Chamber match

Orton hits his signature DDT and lines up the RKO but we know it doesn’t work like that.

McIntyre hits a spinebuster and lines up the claymore… Orton can’t even get up.


Drew McIntyre is going to WrestleMania!

Logan Paul is eliminated!

Orton is favouring his back but I’m pretty sure it’s a work.

Paul comes flying off the top of the pod and all three men are down!

Paul has the bradd knuckles… Orton hits him with an RKO! Paul is eliminated!

Kevin Owens is eliminated!

Owens goes for a swanton and McIntyre gets his knees up.

The Scot sets him up for the claymore but eats a pop-up powerbomb. Orton though delivers an RKO and Owens is on his way.

Paul. McIntyre. Orton.One man will be going onto face Rollins.

LA Knight is eliminated after involvement from AJ Styles!

Erm, AJ Styles has come from nowehere and mullered LA Knight. There are about five referees in the ring, and Styles finishes off his rival with a Styles clash.

Bobby Lashley is eliminated!

Another claymore to Lashley and McIntyre eliminates him.

Paul goes through a pod

Bobby Lashley breaks it up and throws Owens through a pod. He then spears Paul through another.

‘Logan is dead,’ Graves says. ‘Thank you Bobby’ the crowd chant.

McIntyre responds with a claymore.

Owens and Paul going at it

Orton is holding his back, I wonder if he’s actually hurt. He’s had some serious, real issues lately.

Lashley hits a spear on Knight, who rolls out the ring.

The final claxon sounds and Owens is waiting for Paul, who tried to stay locked in. Owens is destroying him. They have history and the rest.

Randy Orton is in

It’s all happening really quickly now and Lashley is on top.

A lot of physicality going on with the four men involved. Some pinfall attempts but no success yet.

The countdown ends… Owen is the only man standing… Orton is out next.

Bobby Lashley is next out

He goes mental, to be honest.

Lashley is out next and had straight for McIntyre.

Kevin Owens joins the match

Knight and McIntyre start to tee off as chants of CM Punk echo around the stadium.

McIntyre goes for the GTS – Punk’s finishing move – but Knight escapes.

Knight starts smashing McIntyre’s head off Paul’s pod. He is happy.

Kevin Owens is the first man out the pods.

McIntyre and Knight to get us underway

Men’s Chamber match up next

We’re about to find out who will be facing Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

Rhodes and Rollins lay out Theory

Rollins and Rhodes lay out Theory.

Rollins points to Waller… he watches it happen, and Rollins hits the stomp.

I think that friendship is over, but Rollins and Rhodes’ is just starting.


My word. Rhodes calls out the Rock. Any time, any place.

Rollins steps in. He says he’ll be there with him for the battle.

Theory steals the mic. Waller is fuming.

Rhodes slams The Rock

‘I’m sure he would call me a candy something if he were here,’ Cody says.

We move onto talk about the ‘Cody Crybabies’.

Are there any here tonight, Cody asks. ‘It seems there are a few.’

‘To be the people’s champ, you have to actually be around the people,’ Cody says.

Seth Rollins is ‘DAYS’ away from being cleared to compete

After Waller tells the fans to acknowledge Roman Reigns, Rollins, reveals he is ‘days’ away from being cleared following a recent injury.

‘Cool story bro,’ Waller replies.

Rhodes and Rollins make their ways to the ring

Rollins is out next. 50,000 people sing his song.

They continue to do so for a good couple minutes after the music starts playing. Some spectacle.

Cody Rhodes follows him out.

If you aren’t aware, a quick summary of the situation.

Rhodes was meant to face Reigns. He then wasn’t, it was meant to be The Rock. The fans did not want that. The Rock turned heel. He slapped Cody. Rollins stood up for him. There’s not a mini rivalry between Rock and Reigns and Rhodes and Rolins.

Waller enters to a huge ovation

Waller’s theme is an absolute tune.

‘I love Australia baby,’ he says as he enters. And steals someone’s Australia flag.

Waller’s just done a ‘shoey’ with Tai Tuivasa.

Austin Theory is here

Grayson Waller’s tag team partner is here to intorduce the Grayson Waller effect.

He’s slamming Australia which probably won’t go down well with his partner.

The Grayson Waller Effect is up next

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins will be on the Grayson Waller Effect next.

Aussie Waller, who turned up wearing an Australian cricket shirt, got a message from Roman Reigns last night. We don’t know what it was.

New Catch Republic come up short

That was wrestling versus entertainment, basically. New Catch Republic shine, but the villainous Judgement Day come through and are on their way to ‘Mania.

Proud of the Brits, though.

BREAKING: The Judgement Day beat New Catch Republic

Priest delivers a double south of heaven chokeslam and Balor follows it up with the Coup de Grace!

He pins Dunne for the win. Judgement Day retain.

New Catch Republic putting on a show

Balor calls for the Razor’s Edge. Priest drops his straps.

Bate counters. Priest hits into Balor.

The Birminghammer – yep – lands and Priest has to kick out!

Close from New Catch Republic

The Judgement Day are rolling. Slingblade from Finn.

He goes for the Coup de Grace but Dunne counters and they hit the double Tyler driver! Priest saves his partner!

Mysterio saves The Judgement Day

Dunne gets the hot tag and hits a moonsault on Balor outside the ring.

Priest comes in too and goes on a roll. Bate can’t quite lift him and has to kick at two after being absolutely laid out.

This time Bate gets Priest up! He spins. The crowd are loving it. Must’ve been at least 20 there.

Dunne hits the bitter end! Dominik stops the pin by getting Balor’s foot under the rope! And gets kicked out for his troubles. That went down well with those in attendance.

The Judgement Day dominating early

Early joint manipulation from Pete Dunne. *Rio Ferdinand voice* it’s what he does.

Chants of ‘Dom is a w****r’ ring round the Optus Stadium.

Early domination from The Judgement Day.

Dominik Mysterio booed out the stadium

Dominik Mysterio, maybe the biggest heel in the business right now, takes the mic to announce his Judgement Day team-mates.

He’s drowned out by boos like you’d never imagine. Blimey.

Oh, New Catch Republic leather him. Fair.

The Judgement Day v New Catch Republic

New Catch Republic – a British duo – beat three other teams and then DIY to earn this match.

I’ll be honest, I’d be absolutely staggered if they won, but both men are great wrestlers, so it’ll be a good match.

Lynch to challenge for the title

So we have what we thought we would have. So far.

Becky Lynch v either Rhea Ripley or Nia Jax.

A great match. Stratton announced herself, Belair looked as impressive as ever and the crowd were well invested.

Next up we have The Judgement Day – Finn Balor and Damien Priest – against New Catch Republic – Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne for the undisputed tag team titles.

Lynch is heading to WrestleMania!

What an insane ending. A good few minutes of chaos ends with two pinfalls in mere seconds.

Morgan hit about seven jawbreakers, and ended up rolling up Belair. Two seconds later, Lynch hit the man-handle slam and pinned Morgan.

She will face Ripley or Jax at ‘Mania.

BREAKING: Becky Lynch wins the women’s Elimination Chamber match

Some really good wrestling here.

Belair goes for the KOD on Bianca…


Rodriguez is eliminated!

We’re picking up pace now… Rodriguez hits a double powerbomb on Morgan and Lynch, but Belair slides in to hit the KOD and eliminate Rodriguez.

We are down to Morgan, Belair and Lynch.

Stratton is eliminated!

Morgas has the last laugh But Stratton is insanely talented.

Boos ring around the crowd.

Stratton flies off the pod!

Oh, they’re climing the pod. Morgan comes flying off, then Stratton pushes Lynch off.


I cannot repeat the chant from the crowd on here.

Belair comes out all guns blazing

Belair and Stratton, who had a bit of a fall out as yesterday’s press event, are going at each other straight away.

A good bit of back-and-forth between the EST and Rodriguez after that, but we stay at five.

Belair is in

Rodqiguez uses Stratton like a, as Corey Graves and Michael Cole put it on commentary, a cricket bat. They say they don’t understand the sport. Maybe they should check out Mail Sport’s cricket page.

She faces off against former (?) tag team partner Morgan next.

Belair is the final woman in and we have five in the ring now.

Rodriguez enters next

Rodriguez is in next. She’s all smiles as sghe returns following a long lay-off.

Naomi is eliminated!

Morgan is using the pods to her advantage. Six insanely talented women in action here.

Lynch locks in the dis-arm-her on Stratton on the cage!

Naomi with a suset flip powerbomb off the top of the pod… and Stratton slides into pin Naomi!

Morgan is up next

The eLIVimination Chamber, she’s calling it…

Four women in the ring now.

Stratton making an impact

Stratton comes flying out and is backed by the fans. The recent NXT call-up is flying.

After a good show of athleticism she goes for two pins but neither are successful.

Naomi then goes for a double elimination afer a cross body from the top rope!

Stratton enters after a fast start

Some good back-and-forth wrestling from Lynch and Naomi early on and they offer their hands in respect as they match each other.

Chants for Lynch from the fans, before Stratton gets some chants of her own.

A split leg drop from the chains earns Naomi the first near-fall.

We’re about to find out who’s in next… it’s Tiffany Stratton.

The women’s Chamber match is underway!

The fight to challenge for the title

The winner of this match will earn the right to challenge for the women’s world championship at WrestleMania in April.

It will probably be Rhea Ripley, but she’s in action later.

The entrances are up first. Optus Stadium looks insane. 50,000 fans in attendance.

The women’s Chamber match is up first

The videos of the stars arriving for the event are so cool.

The chamber is being lowered, and we are going to kick off with the women’s Chamber match!

Elimination Chamber is live!

Speaking of the Kabuki Warriors, Alex went zip-lining with them the other day. Normal.

Just another day for him to be honest, but really cool.

BREAKING: The Kabuki Warriors defeat Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

The first match of the night has taken place on the kick-off show, and saw hometown favourite Indi Hartwell team with good friend Candice LeRae to challenge The Kabuki Warriors for the women’s tag team championships.

As expected, the champions retain, but that as a cool match. Melbourne-born Indi Hartwell was cheered all the way, but Kairi Sane pinned LeRae to get the win.

A nice reception for the faces after the match.

Just minutes until the event gets underway

Right then, it is, as a wise man once said, go time…

One more bit to share with you before we turn our attention to the action…

Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey did battle last year after the former turned her back on her own former best friend at Money In The Bank in London – I was there *smirk*.

I thought the fued was cool, maybe it was hurt by Shayna not really being a proper babyface with people wanting to boo Ronda.

Anyway, Shayna has spoken to Alex about how the pair had to fight to make the match happen backstage. Good story.

Right, what else do I have for you.

Lynch and Charlotte Flair infamously clashed on-screen after the draft of 2021, with Lynch ending up throwing her title at her former best friend during a belt swap.

But they made up at Survivor Series last year, much to everyone’s delight.

You guessed it – Lynch spoke to Alex about it.

She also spoke about never facing Ronda Rousey one-on-one.

Read and watch more below!

Sadly, at the minute, when WWE is involved, so is talk around former boss Vince McMahon and the sex trafficking allegations that have engulfed him in recent times.

The likes of Lynch and Kevin Owens have spoken to Alex on the matter.

This year’s Chamber event marks 22 years since the first match of its kind, which saw Triple H defend his world heavyweight title against five other men. Spoiler: he lost.

But where are they now? Yours truly has put together a piece to outline just that, and it makes for some pretty interesting reading, if I do say so myself…

The Elimination Chamber matches

So Owens will be hopeful of booking his WrestleMania slot today, but who else is in the Elimination Chamber matches?

Six men and six women will fight to face Rollins and (likely) Ripley respectively at ‘Mania, and they willl be as follows…

Drew McIntyre v Randy Orton v Bobby Lashley v LA Knight v Kevin Owens v Logan Paul

Becky Lynch v Bianca Belair v Liv Morgan v Tiffany Stratton v Naomi v Raquel Rodriguez

It’s quite hard to predict the winners, actually – but my money is on Drew and Becky.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - MARCH 27: Becky Lynch with her belt during WWE WrestleMania RAW at the Footprint Center on March 27, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. (Photo by Alejandro Salazar/PX Images/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Kevin Owens will take part in the men’s Chamber match a little later on, but has been reminiscing with Alex about his WrestleMania main event against Stone Cold Steve Austin a couple of years ago.

He revealed he was left a voice mai from the star… and that his son could become a wrestler too!

Read and watch more below.

Our man Alex McCarthy is in Perth for the event and he has been getting loooooooads of content from on the ground.

I’m spoilt for choice of what to show you first to be honest.

I’ll start with this. You probably will have heard of the beef involving The Rock, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes by now, and Alex has been speaking to Rollins about the ordeal.

‘He couldn’t lace my boots – ever.’ Those are the words. Check the vid and article out below.

The matches

We are expecting five matches to take place today, including two Elimination Chamber matches.

  • The Kabuki Warriors (c) v Candi LeRae and Indi Hartwell
  • The Judgement Day (c) v Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate
  • Rhea Ripley (c) v Nia Jax
  • The Women’s Elimination Chamber
  • The Men’s Elimination Chamber
LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 08:  Rhea Ripley, WWE Women's World Champion greets the fans and the press during the WWE Wrestlemania XL Kickoff on February 08, 2024, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo by Louis Grasse/PXimages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


Good morning – feels weird saying that for a WWE event – one and all and welcome to Mail Sport’s live coverage of Elimination Chamber.

The promotion is in Perth, Australia for this one, and there will be a number of Aussie stars in action with a fair few matches planned for the event.

We are planning on getting underway at around 10am UK time – wooooo – so stay tuned!

Logan Paul at the WWE Elimination Chamber Press Conference in Perth, Western Australia. 23 Feb 2024 Pictured: Logan Paul. Photo credit: FAITH MORAN/MEGA  TheMegaAgency.com +1 888 505 6342
Key Updates

  • Results round-up

  • BREAKING: Rhea Ripley defeats Nia Jax

  • BREAKING: Drew McIntyre wins the men’s Elimination Chamber match


  • BREAKING: The Judgement Day beat New Catch Republic

  • BREAKING: Becky Lynch wins the women’s Elimination Chamber match

  • BREAKING: The Kabuki Warriors defeat Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

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