Aaron Rodgers RETURNS to the Pat McAfee Show just 24 hours after being axed amid Jimmy

Aaron Rodgers has appeared on The Pat McAfee Show a day after the host said he would not be on there for the rest of the NFL season.

Rodgers caused outrage when he recently implied Jimmy Kimmel could be named on the list of Jeffrey Epstein‘s associates on his weekly Tuesday appearance.

The uproar led to McAfee announcing on Wednesday this week that Rodgers would no longer appear on the show for the rest of the NFL season – a decision that barely lasted 24 hours.

The Jets quarterback Rodgers, 40, made a short appearance in what he described as a ‘woods retreat’ to discuss Bill Belichick leaving the New England Patriots after 24 years.

McAfee introduced Rodgers by saying: ‘Joining us now to chit-chat to talk about massive names being amicably departed at a very, very high level is a four-time NFL MVP and a man who is a Super Bowl champion.

‘Ladies and gentleman, the last man that Bill Belichick talked to on the field as the New England Patriots head coach, Aaron Rodgers.’


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