Trevor Bauer’s 27-minute phone call with accuser Lindsey Hill is released: Cy Young

Trevor Bauer is heard admitting to hitting accuser Lindsey Hill in a newly released 27-minute phone that was recorded on May 22, 2021 as part of the Pasadena Police Department’s investigation into her sexual assault claims against the former Cy Young winner.

‘I’m in a lot of pain, and I don’t remember, like, specifically asking you to, like, hit me,’ Hill said to Bauer in the recorded phone call. ‘Like, did you mean to hit me that hard?’

‘No, and like, that’s why it’s confusing,’ Bauer is heard responding. ‘I didn’t feel like I hit you that hard, you know? And certainly, like, I tried telling you multiple times, ”Do you want to stop? Are you OK?” And, like, you said to keep going. So I just was trying to follow your lead on it.’

The call, released Thursday by the Legal Affairs and Trials, is the latest development between Bauer and Hill, who have been engaged in a legal battle since she accused him of sexual abusing her on two occasions in the spring of 2021. She was denied a permanent restraining order at the time, but he was suspended by Major League Baseball nonetheless. Bauer was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers in January and recently completed his first season pitching in Japan.

Last week, the pair settled their respective defamation counter lawsuits against each other before Bauer posted a video on social media, accusing Hill of concocting a scheme to extort money from him by falsely accusing him of sexual assault.

Bauer's accuser, Lindsey Hill, pictured in August of 2021 before a hearing in her case against the Dodgers pitcher

Trevor Bauer steps out of the courthouse after the last day of the hearings on August 19, 2021

(Right) Trevor Bauer steps out of the courthouse after the last day of the hearings on August 19, 2021. (Left) Bauer’s accuser, Lindsey Hill, pictured in August of 2021 before a previous hearing

The legal resolution between the two allowed Bauer to comment on the case, which prompted him to release his version of events in a video shared on X on Monday. 

One alleged text sent from Hill to a friend, which Bauer revealed to the public, reads: ‘Next victim. Star pitcher for the Dodgers.’ 

While Hill acknowledged that ‘victim’ was not the right word choice, she claimed she used it in a way in which she was joking, mainly due to her history of dating baseball players. 

‘This was exactly what Trevor wanted to do was random pick three or four texts and weave it into a narrative where I just look horrible,’ she said on ‘Prime Time with Alex Stein.’  

‘I explained that in my deposition and random things. I like to joke, I’m very sarcastic, sometimes inappropriate. Anyone who knows me would know that. 

‘These are just private text messages with my friends and agreed victim is not the word here, but [in] my past I have been involved with other baseball players, that was my world at the time and I had already dated baseball players and it was a funny, sarcastic way to say, ”Here’s the next one I’m going to try to get attention from,” and it was a lot of ego and attention-seeking behavior, which is what I can own and what he can’t do is own any part.

‘I can totally own the attention-seeking behavior but these texts in the grand scheme don’t address what happened at all. This was before any of our interactions or anything like that.’


The following is a statement from Jon Fetterolf and Shawn Holley, Trevor Bauer’s Attorneys, provided to Mail Sport: 

Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill had consensual rough sex and the pretext call confirms that his version of events — the truth — never wavered, despite her attempts to get him to admit what she told the police.

Throughout the call, Mr. Bauer politely disagreed with her assessment multiple times while still trying to be thoughtful and courteous to a person he believed was a friend, rather than a person trying to deliberately set him up by recording this call, unbeknownst to him, with the police. He continuously notes that they discussed her preferences and boundaries in advance; how she asked him to be physical; how he checked on her multiple times during intercourse to confirm she was enjoying herself and to ensure that she wanted to continue; that he was following her lead; that it was his understanding—based on what she had told him—that she was experienced with and enjoyed rough sex; and he expressed his confusion at her alleged injuries given what did and did not take place. While there was consensual slapping at her request, he never punched Ms. Hill.

If Mr. Bauer had committed the acts alleged and this call was the smoking gun Ms. Hill hoped it would be, the Pasadena Police Department — who coordinated the call — would have arrested him. They didn’t view this recorded call as probable cause for an arrest, or consider it to be evidence that Mr. Bauer admitted to what Ms. Hill accused him of. Rather, it was further evidence that Ms. Hill’s allegations were not credible.

Even at the DVRO hearing under oath, Lindsey Hill, when discussing the pretext call, testified that Mr. Bauer did not admit to doing the things she claimed. But since Ms. Hill has made the pretext call available to the public, we encourage you to listen. Because Mr. Bauer’s receipt of the pretext call was subject to a protective order, he could not make it or Ms. Hill’s recorded police interviews available. Nor could he discuss them. Notably, Ms. Hill appears not to have released her recorded police interviews, which further confirm Ms. Bauer’s story.

Bauer posted a video to social media speaking about the incident for the first time since 2021

Bauer posted a video to social media speaking about the incident for the first time since 2021

Bauer in a video recorded by Hill

Lindsey Hill

But Bauer says this video was taken the day after the alleged assault – with no visible injuries. Bauer also says that he was recorded in his sleep by Hill ‘without my consent, of course’.

Bauer also shared a video following the alleged 2021 sexual assault incident in which Hill is smiling without seemingly suffering any bruises.

Hill, however, claims to have been going through a whirlwind of emotions at the time and that she recorded the video to send to her cousin to show that everything was fine.

She even went so far as to say that she was unsure she would ever be able to speak up about the alleged encounter, adding that the lack of bruises on her body have to do with the video’s timing. Bruises usually take several days to appear. 

‘Any normal person can see that bruises will take time,’ Hill said. She also claimed to be in possession of selfies from that time that clearly points to physical injury.

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