Kansas City Chiefs 20-12 New York Jets LIVE: C.J. Uzomah touchdown gives the MetLife


Follow DailyMail.com’s live blog from the game that everyone has been waiting for, as Travis Kelce‘s Kansas City Chiefs take on the New York Jets – with Taylor Swift watching on from the stands. 

The Chiefs don’t make good use of possession, return the pigskin to the Jets

Mahomes and Co. can’t execute anything offensively at the moment and are on the verge of seeing this game flipping over its head, in favor of the Jets. New York gets the football back after four snaps of essentially nothing from Kansas City.

Taylor, are you still there, by the way?

Now what for the Chiefs? Do they have what it takes to respond?

Yes, they are the reigning Super Bowl champions but with this crowd at full voice and momentum going for the Jets, it’s hard to see them claw back into this game.

But as Patrick Mahomes says repeatedly: ‘This is what I do!’

Touchdown Jets! It’s a tied game!!! 20-20

What a game we have tonight, ladies and gentlemen! Zach Wilson gets to the endzone for the two-point conversion but goes through a lot of traffic to get there. Prior to that, he threw his second touchdown pass to Allen Lazard from approximately the Chiefs’ 20-yard line.

MetLife is suddenly rocking once again! It’s about time!!!

And we’re back underway for the third quarter!

The Jets start the second-half strongly, with Wilson three of three for 60 yards, after yet another interception on Mahomes

. They’re on the Chiefs’ 20-yard line…can they claw back into this game? These are important possessions coming up, to say the least…

Snaps of Taylor Swift at tonight’s game in New Jersey

The pop star was seen raising a glass right when kick off was underway, as she also posed for pics with fans and chatted with Mahomes’ wife, Brittany. She was also snapped standing next to Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman throughout the first two quarters of tonight’s game.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - OCTOBER 01: Singer Taylor Swift cheers prior to the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on October 01, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michael Simon/Shutterstock (14133854w) Taylor Swift with Jack Johnson (Son of Jets Owner Woody Johnson) Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets, NFL Football, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA - 01 Oct 2023
Taylor Swift, left, stands for the national anthem before the first quarter of and NFL football game between the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)
Taylor Swift, left, and Blake Lively watch play between the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs during the second quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Half Time: 20-12 for the Chiefs

How on earth is this game still even close…better yet, did we just see Zach Wilson play the best football of his career so far this half? He’s 18 of 26 for 141 yards and a touchdown. He got sacked twice but has yet to be intercepted. QB rating: 95.2

On the other hand, Mahomes is 8/16 for 135 yards and a touchdown as well as two interceptions and 0 sacks. QB rating: 60.2

Now…will there be a surprise during the 15-minute break? Will Taylor Swift suit up and perform at MetLife tonight? Only one way to find out… stay tuned!

Jets fail to convert 40-yard field goal

Zach Wilson is improving but needs his teammates to catch the ball more often, especially when they’re open on a third down, deep into Chiefs territory…*cough cough* not you, Michael Carter.

What’s more, is that Greg Zuerlein comes in to try and convert a 40-yard field goal but the football hits the post! Doink!!

So, it’s 20-12 still for the Chiefs with 00:26 left in the quarter. Not what Robert Saleh was expecting going into the break, I think…

First & 10 for the Jets. 20-12 still for the Chiefs.

Gang Green’s so close to turning this contest into a one-point affair before halftime. There are now less than two minutes left on the clock before the quarter ends…

Harrison Butker completes 37-yard field goal! 20-12 for the Chiefs!

Can Zach Wilson and the Jets offense get near the Kansas City field goal? Three points before the half would certainly boost morale…better yet, a touchdown..2:07 left in this quarter, 2nd & 6 for New York.

First down for the Chiefs

Kadarius Toney catches a pass at the 37-yard line to keep Kansas’ offense going but passes on all other downs are incomplete after that. Harrison Butker to come and kick a field goal to give the Chiefs a bit more breathing space before halftime.

Jets with a near-interception

C.J. Mosley almost catches a pass intended for Kelce from Mahomes. Chiefs were let off the hook there..3rd & 6 now for Kansas City on the Jets’ 40-yard line.

C.J. Uzomah scores!!! 17-12 for the Chiefs!

The Jets finally have their first touchdown on the board with 6:26 left before the half. A crafty pass from Wilson to Uzomah, who was lurking on the right side of the gridiron.

Can Mahomes and the Chiefs offense? Will their lead stay the same or increase before going back into the tunnel?

1st down on the Chiefs’ 20-yard line! Can the Jets get their first TD of the night?!

Can they cook something here…maybe, just maybe, it’s not too late to get back into this game after all!

Third down and five…

Jets are on the Chiefs’ 25-yard line…

Jets interception!! Ashytn Davis!

With a little less than 10 minutes to go in the second, Mahomes throws his first interception of the night and suddenly we have a football game back on! Can Zach Wilson and the Jets offense come back to life by seizing this opportunity? If they score, they’ll only trail by points down

Zach Wilson with a 50-yard pass on 1st and 10! 17-5 for Kansas City after a field goal from Zuerlein

The first long and completed pass from the Jets’ makeshift starter tonight! I can’t believe I’m actually asking this…but is it too late to get back into this game, already? Three quarters left but that might be the case…

We’re barely two minutes into the second quarter and Chiefs are in trouble! 17-2.

Patrick Mahomes is stuck inside his own red zone with 13:20 left in this quarter. Looks like a flag has been raised on DT Jawaan Taylor on third down. The Jets get on the board with a safety cause of a facemask. They will now be allowed to bring it back into Chiefs territory.

End of the first quarter!

It’s not looking pretty out there in New York…Jets fans are already frustrated with their team and it seems like they are not the only ones who are finding it tough to keep on watching tonight’s game…

17-0 for the Chiefs!

Patrick Mahomes’ double pump is what turned the play into a fantastic one! From his own 35-yard line, the quarterback finds Noah Grey for a touchdown. It’s the second of the first quarter with 7 minutes left…oh boy…

Chiefs are back on the horse

Andy Redi’s players are on their own 35-yard line after a flag was raised after the Jets returned the football.

Can the Jets come up with a response?

Bryce Hall finally rushes enough yards to get a first down for New York. Offensive coordinator Nathan Hackett is going to have to cook something up for this team to get back into tonight’s game…

The Jets are on their own 40-yard line but Wilson misses a four-yard check-down pass on fourth down…ball back to the Chiefs once again…

It has to be said that ahead of tonight’s game there were reports that Wilson was missing ‘wide-open guys’ while warming up.

9-0 for Kansas City! 48-yard touchdown rush from Isiah Pacheco!

Many fans are wondering why Swift celebrated there as it wasn’t Kelce who scored…awkward…but maybe she’s been a Chiefs fan all this time and we just don’t know about it! Hope you’re watching, Jason…Travis’ older brother claimed the popstar’s Philly roots are the reason why she didn’t accept an initial offer from the tight end to go on a date…

Jets already giving the ball back…

Oh boy, Zach…three snaps and five yards later, and the football is back in possession of the Chiefs.

3-0 for Kansas City!

And it looks like the game has its first points on the board, with 11:35 left in the first quarter. Harrison Butker converts with ease after the Chiefs couldn’t find a way to penetrate further into Jets territory following two receptions from the man of the hour – Kelce. Field goal was taken 37 yards out.

Kelce catches a pass from Mahomes on 2nd and eight for a first down!

First highlight of the night for Swift’s new beau! Chiefs are on the Jets’ 25-yard line already…could this be a long night for fans of Gang Green…

Kick-off is underway!!

And it looks like Jets kicker Greg Zuerlein will send the ball deep into Chiefs territory to get this show underway!

But first…let me take a selfie

All three actors are ready for some NFL action after making their way into the crowd! Reynolds is already a sports team owner as a majority shareholder of fourth-tier Welsh soccer club, Wrexham.

Looks like more Chiefs fans are at MetLife than expected!

A good chunk of red can be seen among the crowd at tonight’s game in New Jersey!

It’s time to squad up!

The Chiefs made their way onto the gridiron not too long ago either, as ‘Patty Mahomes’ posed for a snap with one of his idols – Rodgers – from the sidelines. That’s three Super Bowls in a pic…

Jets take the field!

Can Zach Wilson get the Jets back on track? He’s 1-2 since Rodgers went down with an Achilles tear…fans will be desperate to see a productive performance from the third-year quarterback, who has been told by his head coach to ‘step up’ ahead of tonight’s showdown.

Another celeb is in the house!

Turn away if you’re watching this game or reading this live blogger, Rupert Murdoch…as it appears that Jeremy Strong is at MetLife to cheer on the Jets. Strong plays Kendall Roy in the HBO series ‘Succession’, which is presumably based on Murdoch’s life and his line of…succession!

A little over 20 minutes to go until game time!

Ok, Swifties, chill…this is first and foremost a football game…so back to some NFL-related content…here are the Chiefs in the huddle getting hyped before kickoff. You can see Mr. Kelce standing behind a certain Patrick Mahomes as they both rallied the troops in the tunnel.

What’s your prediction? Will New York snap its two-game losing streak against the Super Bowl champs’? Or, are we in for a drubbing…


The ‘You Belong with Me’ singer made her way through security at MetLife with six-to-seven friends, including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Sabrina Carpenter, and Hugh Jackman. She was spotted wearing jean shorts with a black, tucked-in t-shirt and a jacket.

Taylor even said ‘Hi’ to the cameras!

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - OCTOBER 01: Singer Taylor Swift arrives prior to the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on October 01, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Mama Kelce and Jake from State Farm attend Eagles game earlier today!

The NFL mom sat next to Kevin Miles – the insurance commercial actor – to cheer on her other son, Jason, as his team beat the Washington Commanders in Philadelphia on Sunday.

According to a press release, Jake’s presence and seating arrangement at the game was all thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ production and marketing company Maximum Effort.

Step aside Taylor…Paul Rudd is in the building!

Looks like Travis knows other celebs than just Swift. Rudd is a huge Chiefs fan and grew up in Kansas City after moving there when he was 10. The actor also majored in theatre at the University of Kansas.

What’s all that chatter about?

If you didn’t think there was enough hype around tonight’s game then think again… as Rodgers and Kelce were spotted talking on the sidelines during warm-ups. What do you think was said? Is Rodgers trying to recruit the two-time Super Bowl champ’ on the Jets?

Kelce signed a 4 year, $57.25million contract extension with Kansas City in 2020, so good luck ‘AR8’…

Where to watch tonight’s game?

If you’re in America, then NBC will be in charge of broadcasting tonight’s contest. If you’re in the U.K. or elsewhere then DAZN is your best bet.

Kelce lookin’ dapper ahead of tonight’s matchup

The 32-year-old, who shares the same age as Swift, turned up in a grey suit, black boots, and a Louis Vuitton suitcase at MetLife Stadium on Sunday evening. He was all smiles when he took the field to warm up, as he was greeted by fans with loud cheers.

The ‘Swift Effect’ that Taylor has had on the NFL

– Kelce now has more Instagram followers than the league’s top 100 players combined.

– Kelce’s No. 87 jersey sales skyrocketed last weekend, spiking 400 percent, after Swift was seen at Arrowhead, cheering on her new beau against the Bears.

– Television ratings for the Bears-Chiefs game soared despite the lopsided score. A total of 24.3million viewers.

– Chiefs-Bears was the second-most watched game this season behind the Lions’ 21-20 upset over Kansas City on opening day.

Aaron Rodgers returns to MetLife for the first time since tearing his Achilles in Week 1!

The 39-year-old QB, who was supposed to be the Jets’ savior by ending their 12-year postseason drought, was pictured rolling through the stadium’s corridors in a golf cart!

Rodgers has been rehabbing in his native California. Not a bad place to shack up by any means…

SPOTTED: Travis Kelce exits Taylor Swift’s Range Rover to make his way back into the team’s hotel with just hours to go before tonight’s game!

The Chiefs tight end rejoined his teammates through a small sid entrance after presumably spending the night at the Eras megastar’s apartment on Saturday.

Hello and welcome to tonight’s Sunday Night Football action between the Chiefs and Jets!

We’re live ahead of tonight’s 8.20 p.m. (E.T.) kickoff in New Jersey, as we fully expect Taylor Swift to be among the crowd, Travis Kelce to score in front of his biggest fan, and the Chiefs to walk away with a win.

Stay tuned as we’ll cover tonight’s game extensively from MetLife Stadium!

Metlife Stadium prior to an NFL football game between the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Oct. 1, 2023, in East Rutherford, NJ. (AP Photo/Bryan Woolston)

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